What is LRG?

Muktangan schools keeping to their objective of ‘inclusive’ education have a 20% capacity to absorb students who are differently abled. The Learning Resource Group popularly called LRG was established to support the individual educational requirements of this student population. The LRG department constitutes a strong team of special educators and dedicated community teachers that provide a number of individually adapted learning support interventions to students, across the seven schools.

The LRG department works with slow learners, students with specific learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia etc, Autism and those experiencing various forms of developmental delay. The team provides  in-class support, outlines individual education plans and conducts individual intervention sessions.

In order to provide the best intervention support to the students the Muktangan has collaborated with UMEED and the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association to provide continuous training support to the LRG team and help enhance their required skills.


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