Vocational Education – World of Exposure

In an attempt to support its students’ growth into career-ready adults equipped with the skills needed to adapt to the 21st -century work environment, Muktangan has partnered with the Antarang Foundation and the Light House Project to design an in-house, integrated, vocational development program for its students.

The project is segregated into two parts over two years…

Std 8thDuring the course of the academic year Muktangan students are exposed to a different vocation field every month; IT, Finance, Media etc. The course is structured to introduce the field, the job prospects and levels, qualifications and personality types required for them. Students are also taken on field visits to explore the work environments associated with the vocational field of the month. e.g. Muktangan students visited Star TV on the 4th of November 2017.

Std 9thAs a subsequent step to the vocation introduction programme students interested in a particular vocational field are connected with mentors who work in the field of interest to work with the students, understand their interests and finally map out individualized career paths.


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