What does the Muktangan Socio-Emotional department do?

The socio emotional department is one of the most ¬†important departments at Muktangan. Made up of a dedicated team of counselors and community support workers the department focuses on maintaining the emotional wellbeing of students, teachers and parents. Some of the programme initiated by the department include…

Quality Circle Time

Quality circle time allows children to have an open forum where they may state their views and address any problems they may face in class or personally. The forum acts as a fertile field where students themselves engage in creative, practical problem solving with the teacher acting as a guide for driving focused group discussions.


The department is now training faculty from the community with basic counselling skills through a two year pastoral care module. As the faculty share similar cultural backgrounds they are in the best position to understand the needs and aspirations of the students and provide the required support.

Additionally Muktangan’s counseling cell is also made available on a need basis to department faculty, teachers and in some cases even parents of the students.

Mukt Minds 

Working in collaboration with the coordinators for secondary school. The department annually organizes a month long college readiness programme that supports the std 10 students to help them effectively transition from school to college. The programme held as a series of workshops focuses on communication skills, vocational pathways, teamwork, research, leadership, and college admissions.


The department regularly conducts workshops for both parents and students on a number of socially relevant topics such as myths regarding menstruation, Hygiene, nutrition, safe and unsafe touch and the effects of media on values and social development. Pre and post tests are also conducted to gauge the impact of these programmes on participants.

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