Muktangan’s Holistic Department

Supplementing the academic aspects of learning, Muktangan places strong emphasis on the socio-cultural and creative aspect of its students’ development. The department through its four sub-components i.e. Music, Art, Physical Education and Performing arts ensures that all students at Muktangan are able to explore their creative interests and develop their natural talents. The department is currently piloting a structured level-wise¬† (Basic to Advance) curriculum in Art, Music and Physical education ensuring continuous, sustainable creative skill development even post schooling.

The department’s faculty and teachers are currently undergoing additional specialized training in Art Based Therapy, Elementary and Intermediate Examinations. Some of the major activities conducted by the department include…

  • Organizing annual sports programmes across Muktangan schools
  • Establishing and Training a students Choir at all seven Muktangan schools
  • Conducting the Annual Muktangan on-stage Dance and Drama Event ‘Expressions’.
  • Providing exposure for students to participate in external creative events including the CREATE Artistic Excellence Trophy, Class Act and Kala Shala hosted by the NCPA.

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