How does Muktangan assess student learning?

Assessments for Learning

As Muktangan follows a state prescribed syllabus, students at Muktangan schools undergo annual summative grade level assessments such as, unit tests, mid and end of term written examinations. However in keeping with Muktangan’s constructivist curriculum, teachers supplement these summative assessments with continuous classroom dialogue, projects and Q&A to gauge students’ conceptual understanding of the subject matter and application of learning. Teachers then use this information to adapt their teaching methods to fortify student knowledge and improve learning outcomes.

Student Tracking

Muktangan is currently using subject determined competencies to track individual student progress across grades. This tracker effectively quantifies student understanding on each competency allowing teachers to effectively focus on specific learning gaps. The team has completed the tracker for English and Math and is currently working on adapting the tracking system to other subjects. This process is cumbersome due to the diverse competency levels present at each grade especially with regards to subjects like language and the social sciences.


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