How are parents engaged at Muktangan?

Since its inception Muktangan’s parent body has been a key stakeholder in the development of the programme and its successful implementation. At the initial phase its was the parents of the enrolled students that advocated the programme to the local MCGM and laid the foundation for a successful, 15 year long public private partnership.

Programmatic Support

Today the parents of students enrolled at Muktangan continue to provide programmatic support by

  • Assisting teachers as chaperones during field trips
  • Providing the pantry with additional man power required to efficiently implement the nutrition programme
  • Providing logistical support during school annual events.


Muktangan schools have a robust PTM programme for students’ parents. Parent meetings are conducted for every class, trice a year. During these meetings parents are engaged by giving them an

  • Orientation to the Muktangan programme
  • Orientation to the academic curriculum and activity schedule
  • Orientation to student learning activities
  • Collaborative review of student work e.g. worksheets, projects etc
  • Collaborative review of student assessments

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