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  •                                                                          Student Nutrition Programme
    Student Nutrition Programme
    Muktangan in collaboration with the MCGM provides all its students with a midday meal supplemented by nutritious fruit.
  •                                                                                Exposure Field Trips
    Exposure Field Trips
    Muktangan students are given every opportunity to learn from their wider environment through participation in a variety of educational field-trips and events.
  •                                                                         Student Vocational Education
    Student Vocational Education
    Through its World of Exposure programme, Muktangan students are given practical exposure to multiple vocational fields.
  •                                                                    Teacher Professional Development
    Teacher Professional Development
    In addition to CUDD's and LDM's Muktangan teachers attend need based Professional Development sessions during school vacations.
  •                                                                                Muktangan Choir
    Muktangan Choir
    Every Muktangan school has an independent student choir that has performed at venues and events such as, the NCPA, the Taj, the Mumbai Marathon and Footsteps4Good.
  •                                                                              Annual Project Day
    Annual Project Day
    Students display their learnings at school through an annual project exhibition.
  •                                                                        Expressions: Dance & Drama
    Expressions: Dance & Drama
    Muktangan students are encouraged to express their talents on stage at internal annual events and external shows including productions by Raell Padamsee's the CREATE Foundation.
  •                                                                                         Advocacy
    Muktangan's experienced faculty have taken up the mantle to promote the Muktangan philosophy through participation in National and International forums including the National Conference on School Readiness and International Congress of Psychology.
  •                                                                                    Celebrity Visitors
    Celebrity Visitors
    The Muktangan programme has been endorsed over the years by international organizations, ambassadors and celebrities inclusive of the Miss World Organization, Nick Clegg Former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK.


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