Empowering Girls Everywhere!

130 million girls between the age of 6 and 17 are out of school and 15 million girls of primary-school age…. will never enter a classroom. – UNESCO 2016.

A multitude of reasons restrict girls from accessing education. Many at times it costs too much for families to send their girls to school, this is especially true in families with multiple children. Poor infrastructure is also a contributing factor, many at times children, especially girls, have to travel large distances and perilous routes to get to school, putting their physical safety in jeopardy. Child Marriage is yet another roadblock facing girls education, adversely affecting their health and wellbeing, causing them to drop out of school and consequently making them economically dependent.

If all girls had 12 years of education child marriage would fall by 64%; early births would by 59%; child deaths under 5 years would fall by 49%; her job and wage potential  increases; the spread of HIV and Aids would be reduced; the socio-economic status of her entire community… – UN Women 2015

Other barriers include a lack of appropriate infrastructure i.e. no toilets for girls, prejudice, cultural norms, conflict and violence. Education and more importantly quality education allows girls to better adapt to changing environments, gain economic independence, ensure better care for their children and have their voices heard on professional and social forums leading to their upliftment and the upliftment of their communities.

The Maiden Factor Project

Sailing pioneer Tracy Edwards (MBE) created shockwaves across the UK, when in 1989, she rallied the first all-female crew to compete in the worlds toughest oceanic challenge, The Whitbread Round the World Race (now known as the Volvo). Overcoming many obstacles and prejudices Tracy & her Crew inspired a generation by winning two legs for the grueling challenge and coming in second overall, a record yet to be broken by another UK sailing team. Tracy proved irrefutably that girls, given the opportunity, can change the world.

Today, Tracy’s award-winning yacht Maiden has once again set sail, this time, on a mission of Inspiration and Hope. Through the Maiden Factor Project and under the banner Anything is Possible, the yacht and her crew are currently undertaking a Three-Year World Tour, covering 20 countries and 50,000 plus nautical miles, all with the aim to build awareness for girls education and support charities that undertake projects focused on empowering and improving conditions for women across the globe.

Muktangan was excited to collaborate with the Maiden Factor Team during their visit to our schools. The team presented to the students; Tracy and the Maiden’s extraordinary journey, the problems facing girls the world over and what the Maiden Factor is attempting to achieve. They interacted with both teachers and students to understand their views on education for girls and how education has personally impacted their own lives. In turn, Muktangan students shared their Messages of Hope and Encouragement to their counterparts across the world, who currently do not receive the opportunity to attend school. These messages will be carried on the Maiden during her long journey.

To Glimpse the Maiden – Muktangan Connect follow the links below…

Muktangan – Maiden: Messages of Hope

Girls and Education by Students at Muktangan

Teaching at Muktangan

Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities

After a grueling rescue and restoration process, the Maiden and her crew are well on their way through the Suez Canal to begin the first leg of their World Tour. We send our best wishes to the Maiden and to the entire Maiden Factor Team for the success of their mission: to help empower and enable every girl to reach her full potential.

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