Developing Future Educators

With all its seven schools now having completed grade 10, the Muktangan model has proved, that a successful integration of teacher and school education, based in an active – constructive philosophy is not just possible but can thrive within mainstream schooling. The model’s success over the years, primarily based on action research, has led to the development of a vast repository of pedagogical knowledge of pre-primary to secondary schooling.

Through the Muktangan Education Resource Centre (MERC), the programmes senior faculty soon began to strengthen these learnings by applying them to various urban and rural contexts. Projects such as Active Constructivist Oriented Teacher Education (ACOTE) conducted with teacher education colleges and the Early Learners Development Programme (ELDP) conducted with Balwadies in Palghar have helped further customize Muktangan’s pedagogical teaching-learning processes to varied educational environments and to fit the needs of educators at all levels.

This year MERC has taken a step further to realize its ultimate goal; ensuring that the Muktangan model and its learnings reach and benefit every child studying within mainstream schools. To support the spread of its educational philosophy MERC has now opened its doors as an internship hub to Teacher Education Institutions across Mumbai.

To drive this initiative, led by senior Math faculty Dr. Puja Shrivastava, Muktangan has connected with four Teacher Education Colleges offering a Bachelors in Education Degree; the K.J.Somiaya Comprehensive College of Education, Training and Research  Khilafat College of Education, Hansu Advani College of Special Education and the Tata Institute of Social Science, beginning June this academic year.

A total of 27 student teachers from these colleges have been given access to Muktangan schools and resources and are attending and participating in…

  • Teacher Orientations
  • Curriculum Understanding, Development and Design sessions
  • Classroom Observations of sessions conducted by Muktangan Teachers and trainees

As part of their interaction with the Muktangan, these interns are also expected to design their own student friendly lesson plans and implement them in Muktangan classrooms. These lesson plans as thoroughly reviewed by our in-service subject faculty, thus maintaining the quality and consistency of the classroom interaction. Finally, during the implementation process, that lesson plans are observed by Muktangan educators and graded by the faculty from the students own institutions.

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