Commemorating another Successful Academic Year!

An Annual Celebration is an integral component of the school year, where students and teachers are given the opportunity to showcase their curricular and co-curricular achievements. At Muktangan however, Annual Celebrations have a deeper connotation and are a salute to the various aspects of the entire programme.

Community Engagement

Since its inception, the local community has continued to be one of Muktangan’s most ardent advocates and its largest, most committed stakeholder. Composing its entire student body and 94% of its staff Muktangan is truly an initiative “For the Community, by the Community”. The school Annual celebrations are yet another avenue through which Muktangan celebrates this relationship and the communities ownership of the programme. They are a community-wide celebration involving many members as part of the programme setup and onstage displays.


Members of the community engage in stage performances during Annual Day events for the academic year 2017-18.


Staff Appreciation

The teachers and faculty at Muktangan schools are unconditionally committed to the welfare of the student body. Whether attending year-round professional development to continuously innovate and implement lesson plans of the highest quality or upgrading their professional eligibility through professional degrees in academics or make extra efforts to ensure the all-round development of every child in their care. Annual Days provide a platform to honour the efforts and achievements of these teachers.

Teachers appreciated with flowers by our founder Mrs. Elizabeth Mehta (left) and Ms. Dymphena Dias (Right) our Chief Executive Officer. Annual Day Events 2017-18.


Creative Displays

Annual Days allow students and teachers alike to display their creativity and innovation through the avenues of drama, dance and music. Performances range from classical and fusion numbers to historic and socially themed musicals and plays. The student performaces capture the stage and the imagination of present audiences.



Glimpses of  student performances from Annual Day events 2017-18





Graduation Ceremony

Every year the Muktangan Education Resource Centre enrols an average of 90 trainees to its pre-service teacher education programme. After a year of classroom sessions, 375 hours of school internship and rigorous practical work the trainees are commended on stage by their faculty mentors and presented with certificates celebrating their successful transition into proficient teachers.

Dr. Prerna Sharma, Assistant Professor and Senior Vertical Manager at the Tata Institute of  Social Sciences, School of Vocational Education; invited as one of the Chief Guests for Muktangan’s Teacher Graduation 2017-18 presenting certificates to the graduates.

Research Presentations

Another very engaging aspect of the annual celebration is the student research presentations. Through the Mukt-Minds programme, Muktangan student alumni are guided to build skills that will support them through their future academic and professional lives. Students are encouraged to actively explore their primary environments i.e. schools and community and conduct a structured investigation on dynamic social aspects and related perceptual change. Students have chosen themes like mobile gaming and social media addiction to the acceptance of domestic abuse and water wastage. After primary data collection, students summarize, present and discuss their findings before a jury of accomplished researchers, an audience of guests and their peers. This year 100 Muktangan students divided into 14 groups presented their research reports during the programme.


Judges and audience members attentively watching as students present their research conclusions at the Mukt-Minds research presentation programme 2017-18. 

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