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Class Act, a 26 year old innovative education project, initiated to develop young talent in theatre writing. The projects origins lie with the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; a non-profit institution, originally formed in 1963 by a group of passionate theatre enthusiasts and has, since its inception, acted as the launching board for the careers of the UK’s most celebrated play writes. Today the theatre continues to nurture new talent and provide a stage for its theatrical expression.

Though based in Scotland, the Theatre has conducted extensive engagement programmes, including Class Act, through collaborative partnerships at home and abroad. This year under the umbrella of the UK – India Year of Culture, The British Council; the UK’s international organization for cultural exchange, Class Act was invited to India for the very first time.






Left: Muktangan student’s participating in the Class Act theatrical worksop. Right: The students’ produced play titled ‘Jisa Dikhta Hai Vaisa Hota Nani’ staged by professional theatre artists. 

Class Act Mumbai engaged 60 young aspiring playwrights from various Mumbai schools, including Muktangan. These students, aged 13 to 17 were given the opportunity to interact with experienced faculty from the Traverse Theatre. They were mentored through a workshop series designed to impart skills in dramatic writing structure. The students were encouraged to construct their writing around subjects that were important to them, the result being the production of 20 new plays, ranging thematically from individual values to social dynamics, published as part Class Act’s exclusive collection.

Post completing the creative process students under the guidance of veterans of Indian English theatre and Film such as Rajat Kapur and Shernaz Patel, were given the opportunity to collaborate with a professional team from Rage Productions;  an Indian theatre company,not unlike Traverse, with parallel initiatives in India and a global presence in the theatrical arts. The students who were active members of the production team, involved in all rehearsals and technical processes; got the opportunity to finally see the product of their creativity performed by accomplished stage artists live at the Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai.

To know more about the Class Act Initiatie and the its process kindly view Class Act – The Film of the Future

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