Engaging Mathematics

Muktangan’s Head of Department for Mathematics, Ms. Namita Tewari was recently invited to speak at two major advocacy forums…

The Centre for Budget and Policy Studies (CBPS); a research based organization focused on studying the formulation of public policy and its grassroot implementation. The non-profit’s area of expertise covers analysis of budgets, governance and accountability in terms of public – service delivery and subsequent capacity enhancement of relevant stakeholders. The focus areas for the organization include education, health, water and sanitation etc. The organization also plays a part in research based advocacy of effectively implemented service delivery models.

As past of the CBPS’s 20th anniversary celebrations many speakers were invited to present grassroot challenges and effective service delivery models, as part of this forum. Namita deconstructed the various aspects of the education model implemented at Muktangan schools; her presentation, using Math learning as a model for analogy specifically focused on..

  • Individual student ability and perceptions
  • Explorative learning
  • Construction of knowledge and experience
  • Conceptual understanding and knowledge implementation

Namita was also invited to contribute one of the first articles titled; Secondary Education: Thinking Creatively to CBPS’s freshly launched blog.

Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education & Research (TSCER); a Mumbai University affiliated, Teacher Education Institute that is dedicated to providing effective classroom teachers with the proficiency to cater to the global educational environment. During its 10th Academic year the college hosted a National Seminar titled the ‘Dynamics of Classroom Teaching; Providing Joyful Learning Experiences for all Learners’.

The objective of the seminar was to act as a platform for sharing innovative classroom pedagogical processes that facilitate active student engagement in learning while dealing with the challenges that arise within dynamic classroom processes. Namita along with Ms. Sarita V.N. and Dr. Puja Shrivastava, both lead faculty from the Math Department presented a paper ‘Methodologies Adapted in Maths Education by Muktangan to Create and Maintain Interest in Learners’ outlining Muktangan’s constructivist approach to teaching Math i.e. Concrete Experiences, Representation, Explanation, Discussion & Algorithm (CREDA) and process used to track student conceptual understanding of the subject matter.


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