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Muktangan Project Day

Originally commenced as an attempt to help the parents of Muktangan understand how their children are learning at school. Muktangan’s Project Day has since become an annual event anticipated by students, teachers and parents alike. Muktangan’s unique pedagogy focuses on allowing students to construct their own understanding of a subject through activity. To many parents, initially introduced to the programme, this was a very novel approach that moved away from the more traditional, yet familiar and desired homework based rote learning.

Through Project Day, the Muktangan programme displays its effectiveness and impact directly through its primary beneficiaries; its students. Children in collaboration with their teachers build projects that practically relate their learning in the classroom to various aspects of the wider world. The projects are usually constructed in line with a specific theme. Previously themes and project displays have included…


How do you calculate the height of a 20ft tall giant using only his muddy footprint?

Who are the giants in the solar system and how to they protect us?


Lets travel back to the past and learn from the ancients

How has civilization and technology evolved over centuries ?

This year, at the 10th Annual Project Day exhibition each of Muktangan’s seven schools had its own unique theme. Ranging from Cultural Integration to Technological Innovation the projects were designed and constructed months in advance. On the exhibition day students amazed patrons, who included parents, faculty, volunteers, visitors and supporters, by rejuvenating dry and abstract textbook content, through an array of working models, creative exhibits and games. Even some pre-school parents got involved this year, unveiling their own projects at the various school centres.



Some of this years student project displays




 Balak Palak Mela

Muktangan’s Teacher Education Centre grooms members from underserved communities into quality, student-friendly teachers. The centre, in collaboration with our seven lab schools, provides a unique learning experience that merges interactive activity- based content with 400 hours of rigorous classroom internship.

Recently, a synergistic partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), School of Vocational Education, through which Muktangan has been recognized as a Hub partner imparting the TISS Diploma In Early Child Development (DECD), has added a new practical component to the Muktangan Teacher Education programme.

Trainee’s now pursuing the course are required to…

  • assist in awareness programs on health, nutrition and education for children
  • assist in parent involvement activities
  • assist in organizing and executing a community mela
  • helping children with personal care under supervision                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

In keeping with the requirements of the DECD the Muktangan trainees have initiated an annual student fun fair. Through this fair, titled the “Balak Palak Mela”, trainees set up interactive kiosks and conduct activities, plays and games, with the intention to display their learning and impart practices of good health and environmental conservation.


Left: Trainee explaining the need for good dental hygiene through puppetry. 

Right: Trainees demonstrating how to make of low-cost nutritious snacks. 


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