Celebrating Marathi: Language & Literature

Marathi is the fourth most spoken language in India and happens to be the official language for the state of Maharashtra. The language, known to have evolved directly from Sanskrit, has over the course of its evolution borrowed vocabulary from Middle Eastern and European influences including Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese and even English.

While the origins of Marathi as a written script may date back to around 700 A.D. Marathi in literary form started gaining popularity from religious prose and poetry, composed using the language, somewhere around the 12th century. Even today Marathi is the chosen language for communication, both formal and spoken, across Maharashtra especially the rural demography. Due to its rich history and its popular usage amongst a significant portion of the population, (75 million Indian’s) Marathi has long been recognized and one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and soon may gain the status of a Classical Language.

Today Marathi continues to be used for public office correspondence and is celebrated across the states of Maharashtra and Goa for its historic and cultural significance…


  • 24th February Marathi Bhasha Divas (Marathi Language Day):

Marathi Bhasha Divas is celebrated on the birthday of Shri Vishnu Vaman Shirvadkar, a renowned Marathi poet, writer and dramatist, by government institutions across the state of Maharashtra. In public sector schools the language is celebrated through plays, songs, dance, poetry composition and elocution. At Muktangan schools, celebrations also involve teachers and students dressing in traditional Nauvari Sarees, displays of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine, literature, poetry, dance and drama.


  • Marathi Language Learning Enrichment 

Many private community organizations have formed over the years with the view to popularize and encourage the growth of the Marathi language and literature. The ‘Nimnastar Marathi Shikshak Sanghatana’ is one such organization that works with both teachers and students for the enrichment and popularization of the language and its usage.

  1. For students; the organization holds competitive examinations for students between grade 5 and 10 based on integrated, updated syllabus that tests all aspects of language proficiency i.e. spoken and written.
  2. For teachers; annual events, such as, workshops, discussion forums, seminars etc are organized to support improvements in curriculum design and classroom pedagogy to include activities like poetry writing, play-monolog construction, creative writing, calligraphy etc to enhance (Marathi) language learning.







Muktangan Grade 9th and 10th participated in the language proficiency competitive examinations held December 9th, 2017

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