An Exchange of Art and Culture

As part of a Art Exchange Initiative supported by the South Australian Government’s Department of State Development. A team of artists led by Daniel Connell, a fulltime artist, PhD candidate and lecturer of the visual arts at the Adelaide Central School of Art, conducted a series of workshops over five consecutive days with the 7th, 8th and 9th grade students at Muktangan.  Daniel previously visited Muktangan in 2012 two similar art projects.

The aim of the current project was to…

  • Build conceptual skills among students and spur the creation of quality art work
  • Create an opportunity for senior students to continue to engage in art and look at the creative field as a potential career opportunity.
  • Create an Annual Art Exchange event in collaboration with contemporary artists from South Australia.
  • Facilitate a cultural exchange between South Australia and India.

The project highlights included introducing students to contemporary forms of screen printing, creative sketching and contemporary portrait painting. The team also introduced students to sculpture design; working together to create three dimensional models and ultimately sculptures from two dimensional student designs. To know more about the project development process kindly Click Here…



All materials used during the production process were completely recyclable.





Workshop on Panto-physics; On the 6th of November 2017 Muktangan’s Science department also payed host to a different kind of artist. Dr. Ranprleg an Isreli scientist, visting Mumbai on a cultural collaborative tour, organized by the Consulate General of Israel and The Nehru Science Centre.





Dr. Ranpeleg coached the Muktangan’s science teachers on the use of mime to develop an interest in science among students. Using the scenario of a ball in a box as an example Dr. Ran enacted the supposed behavior of  how objects (the ball) behave in environments with varied gravitational forces. Extending the integration of science and art, Dr. Ran also demonstrated how the ‘magic’ of chemical reactions can be used to make science more engaging.

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