Partners for Development in Secondary Education

The drive to achieve universalization in primary education in India has led to a substantial increase in school enrolment, approximately 97% as of 2016; however only about 64% of adolescents have shown progress to secondary and senior secondary levels. Those that do progress and complete their secondary schooling still tend to lack the skills required to succeed in the 21st century work environment.

The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (PSIPSE) is an international collaborative attempting to draw attention to the gaps and challenges faced by secondary education such as limited access, low retention, poor quality and low relevance and subsequently act as a catalyst for change.

PSIPSE in alliance with local education focused nonprofits, Muktangan included, in Africa and India, is addressing the above mentioned  gaps by providing support to the development and testing of innovative intervention models and facilitating their scale up in the targeted countries.

As part of its drive to effecting change in secondary education PSIPSE conducted a convening meet for all its implementing partners in Uganda this November. The objective of the meet was to share innovative approaches and cross-project learnings and facilitate technical support in areas such as monitoring and evaluation and strategic communication.

Ms. Dhanashree Yedandi Coordinator for Secondary Schools and Ms. Dymphena Dias Leader- Programme Sustainability attended the meet and shared Muktangan’s innovative model of secondary schooling that balances vocational education ( World of Exposure) and life skills (Mukt-Minds) with senior school academics.

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