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With school enrolment at an all-time high, India is close to achieving its goal of universal education. However, despite there being a significant improvement in access, even to the remotest parts of the country, there are many issues prevalent in the mainstream. These include high student to teacher ratios, prescriptive curriculums that are not supportive of individual student learning needs and a disconnect between theory and practice in formal teacher education. The result is disengagement in the classroom and ultimately poor student learning outcomes. This is especially detrimental in the case for under-served communities, who largely rely on mainstream schooling.

“For the Community, By the Community”

Muktangan was envisioned as an alternative model that aimed to bridge these prevalent gaps and disconnects in schooling by providing an inclusive, student-friendly, community based model of education within the mainstream system. Supported through the Paragon Charitable Trust, in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), the first Muktangan preschool was started in 2003 on the premises of a Municipal School in Worli, Mumbai. The original school began with 7 teachers sourced from local, under-served communities who transacted a developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum to 90 students from their own localities. The recognition of the success of the model by members of these same communities and the MCGM led to the Muktangan initiative being set up and run in six additional municipal schools in 2007.

Muktangan Schools’ Impact

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Today, Muktangan has developed into a holistic model of Teacher and School Education; MERC, that is working with various state departments and NGO partners to provide integrated solutions to educational disconnects in both urban and rural settings. Simultaneously Muktangan runs a strong advocacy programme aimed at government policy makers to enable its learnings to be incorporated into more mainstream schools.

It has been a great experience to visit Muktangan which is trying to effect systemic change in school education, looking at quality at all levels.

Prof. V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai
Provost, Somaya Vidyavihar, Executive Vice President of the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment , Govt of Kerala (2011 - 2015)

“Muktangan”, where children flourish in free aangan. What a pleasure it was to meet this “young” couple that is transforming how education and teaching can be delivered in a Municipal School in Mumbai. They are demonstrating how learning can be fun. Truly inspiring.

Dr. Anil Swarup
Retd. Secretary, School Education and Literacy, MHRD

Muktangan schools are inspired and inspiring! Teachers have given students the power of imagination, to take a subject as dry as grammar, or as abstract as algebra – and bring it to life. I saw children create games, models and then confidently teach the concepts – all with a sense of playfulness.

Monica Patel
CEO, First in Math India Pvt. Ltd.

The education gap in Mumbai is very wide, Muktangan addresses this gap by working very closely with the Municipal Co-operation. My wife and I decided to help the teacher training initiative because we were impressed with Muktangan’s educational focus.

Luis Miranda

If you believe in the oft repeated cliché that the future of any country is determined by how it educates it’s children then it must surely follow that increased scrutiny should be trained on how it educates its poorest children.Therein lies the true character of a nation. It is this field of work Muktangan has chosen to make its life calling. And India is the richer for it.

Rahul Bose
Actor, Director, Screenwriter & Rugby Player

A phenomenal teacher education programme.

Deval Sanghvi

The Teacher Training program at Muktangan is one of its kind. It’s impressive to see how individuals are trained from various facets to be able to become teachers and provide education. At Muktangan, it is also a medium to provide education and employment to a person to be a teacher and spread education further.

Vanya Mishra
Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012

I run the 42 km marathon in Mumbai each year to raise funds and help support Muktangan. It is a fabulous event with nearly 40,000 participants this year, many of whom are running to support various different charitable causes.

Danny Carroll
Alchemy Solutions

I have been running the Dream Run in the SCMM every year since its inception except the 2 years I was pregnant! I love running in the marathon! Not just because I am rather a running addict but also because it is a great way to raise funds for wonderful worthwhile causes like Muktangan, Magic Bus and the Cancer Patients Aid Association, all of which I ran for last year.

Tara Sharma