Teacher Education




Community members are invited to apply for admission. Selection entails a basic English assessment that screens out 40 – 50% of the candidates. The remaining undergo personal interviews, group discussions and orientation programmes, from which, trainers choose the most suitable candidates who are then inducted into either; the Foundation for primary school or The Early Childhood Education for preschool, programmes.


                                                                                     Comprehensive Curriculum

 Regular interactive, classroom sessions, five and half days weekly, help the trainees construct a strong theoretical understanding in areas such as child development, emergent literacy, maths, critical thinking, inclusive practices and personal educational beliefs. The trainees simultaneously undertake individual child observation during 400 hrs of internship, within Muktangan schools. This helps them to connect theory with practice. Experienced faculty, during small group tutorials, help trainees to design and implement individualized learning experiences for the students they observe.



Professional Development 

After completing the year-long, pre-service programme, the graduates absorbed into Muktangan schools continue their development through an in-service modular programme. They also receive continuous classroom support from experienced faculty and weekly Curriculum Understanding meetings to strengthen their concepts. These are followed up by Lesson Design meetings along with continuous English proficiency sessions. These teachers also attend vacation Professional Development; need based sessions designed to expose teachers to the latest developments in education.



Teacher Appraisal

At Muktangan teacher appraisal focuses on supporting skill development and professional growth and has developed an in-house appraisal system that makes this process objective and clear. Teachers and trainees are appraised by experienced faculty thrice a year to discuss development-focused feedback, based on skill and performance criteria.



Muktangan is an accredited HUB partner of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for the conduction of their Bachelor of Vocational Education (B.Voc) in Early Childhood Education (ECE). From the academic year 2016 – 17, trainees enrolled in the Muktangan ECE programme are eligible to receive a joint certification from TISS and Muktangan at the end of each of the three years of training.