School Programme



Learning – Supportive, Classroom Structure

Muktangan’s innovative, classroom layout enables three groups of students to learn simultaneously, each not exceeding a student to teacher ratio of 14:1 thus allowing individual student engagement. Teachers sit at the same level as their pupils signifying a partnership in learning. Even the classroom furniture, is lightweight and portable, easily reorganized to supplement a multitude of learning activities.



Classroom Curriculum

Muktangan follows the state syllabus (SSC Board) but implements it in a way that makes learning meaningful to the student. Teachers transact the curriculum through interactive, classroom activities, designed based on a comprehensive assessment of formative learning. Building on the students’ pre-existing knowledge, this approach encourages students to actively construct their own understanding through inquiry, discussion and exploration.




Holistic Development

Along with the academic aspects of learning students are exposed to the creative arts, ICT, libraries and physical education. Muktangan provides home-grown special educators who support the programme’s inclusive philosophy. Muktangan students are guided to grow into self-aware, socially-responsible individuals, through special programmes and internal counselling facilities.





Community  Connect

All Muktangan teachers are developed, through its Teacher Education Programme, from the same under-served communities as its pupils. This leads to a better understanding of student needs and aspirations. Muktangan further reinforces this connect through ongoing engagements with family members of its students and teachers via PTA’s, volunteering and annual events.