Based on the concept of ‘Design for Change’ originally initiated by the Riverside school, Ahmedabad, Muktangan initiated Muktpath a year long action research project designed to build 21st century skills such as collaboration, leadership, creative thinking and teamwork among it’s std 9 students. The project also aimed to develop transferable skills that would support them academically as well as in their future careers.


Using the four – step problem solving approach of Feel, Imagine, Do, Share; two groups of Muktangan students designed research projects on two important yet neglected social issues namely food wastage and civic sensibilities in public lavatories. The project required them to map out practical problems in their immediate environment, conduct surveys and interviews with all stakeholders involved i.e. school staff, students and community members, analyze the data and prepare prototypes and implement long term solutions.

The students engaged in the project felt that it allowed them to develop skills such as listening, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and most importantly allowed them to use their creativity and empowered them to implement practical change in their immediate school environment. Some of the solutions implemented by the students included the following…

Food Wastage:

  • Educated students across standards about organizations like Roti Bank that connects excess food to people in need.
  • implimented a school self serving system that allowed students to take only amount of food they assured they could consume.

Civic Sensibilities in Lavatories:

  • ¬†Painted the walls of the lavatories to cover up derogatory graffiti.
  • Established common rules of shared responsibility for lavatory usage across the school.

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